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To cause create a sense of abiding affection and affinity thro mentioned reciprocation in the minds of the former and ongoing students enkindling their interest to keep themselves aware of the divergent opportunities to encourage together for the contribution of their all-round progress benefiting their Alma matter.
To develop, encourage and foster friendship and fellowship among the students, teachers, senior administrative staff of the past and present, of the Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College.
To foster good rapport between the management, staff and students on the one land and the public on the other for the growth and development of the college to better its public image.
To promote the aims and ideals of the institution as spelled out in its prospectus and other relevant publications.
To arrange and conduct scientific, professional social and cultural Programmes for the benefit of members, medical professionals and the general public.
To conduct and participate actively in public to project and implement programmes like health services, specialists camps, medical exhibitions, competitive examination class, coaching classes for P.S.C, U.P.S.C etc.
To collect screen, edit articles journals/bulletins for publications and to contribute articles to other scientific and popular periodicals for dissemination for knowledge and information to general public from Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College.
To assist meritorious and needy students of Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College by offering scholarships/financial grant besides establishing Endowment.
To assist doctors in rural services and those who plan to pursue higher studies and training.
To participate actively in the Continuing Medical Education Programmes, Human Resource Development activities.
To collect funds for the benefits of the association by way of donations, contributions, aids, membership fees and subscriptions.
To collect funds for the benefits and activities of the college by way of donation, contributions, aids
To maintain active liaison with foreign and local homoeopathic medical association, chapters/ members for mutual benefits by way of academic and financial assistance
To do such other acts and things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of these objectives.

Homoeopathic is a specialised method of drug therapy of curing natural diseases by administration of drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess the power of producing similar artificial symptoms on healthy human beings. .

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