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Webinar by Dept. of Paediatrics
The Dept. of Paediatrics Organised the Webinar on 18th June 2020 successfully. An introductory remark was given by the Principal Dr. N. V. Sugathan. The Speaker during the forenoon session - Dr. Manoj Radhakrishnan - gave a beautiful comparative study presentation on the Anxiety related drugs in our Materia Medica. The afternoon session by Dr. Sabarish B Nair also gave enchanting remarks on the present scenario emphasizing the Myths & Facts of the Covid-19... The faculty were welcomed by Dr. R. S. Gopika & Dr. Winston Vargheese respectively and acklodged by Dr. T. K. Jayakumar & Dr. Bencitha Horrence Mary. The Department of Paediatrics takes this opportunity to thank one and all for enlightening the day...

Homoeopathic is a specialised method of drug therapy of curing natural diseases by administration of drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess the power of producing similar artificial symptoms on healthy human beings. .

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