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Parents Teachers Association

Parents Teachers Association


For the betterment of their wards and to seek co-operation from the parents for the scholastic development of their wards with the support of teachers Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College has constituted Parent Teachers Association

 Parent Teachers Association Members:

Dr. C.K. Mohan - Patron

Dr.N.V.Sugathan, Principal

Co-ordinator: Dr.Winston vargheese – PG Co- ordinator & Academic co - ordinator (II BHMS) - Vice Chairman

Dr.Nagarajan.M.N. – Chairman, (Parent)

Mr.G.Rajan,(Parent) - Joint secretary,

Mr.Murugan, H.o.D., Organon of Medicine - Executive Member

Mrs.Ranjani Vijayakumar (Parent) - Executive Member

Mr.Shaji(Parent) - Executive Member

Mr.Joe.K.Y (Parent)- Executive Member

Mr.Karuppasamy(Parent)- Executive Member

Mr.Sajan(Parent)- Executive Member

Dr.Ajayan.T, Ho.D. Practice of Medicine, Academic Co-ordinator (IV BHMS) - Executive Member

Dr.Sisir.P.R,H.o.D.,Paediatrics, Academic Co-ordinator(III BHMS) . - Executive Member,

Dr.JayaKumar.T.K., Academic Co-ordinator (I BHMS) -Executive Member

Dr. Zion Natharaj .P.S., H.o.D. Anatomy& Academic Co-ordinator (I BHMS)- Executive Member

Reconstituion of Parent Teachers Association