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About the Department

Pathology and Microbiology department of Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College was established in 2002 as a part of undergraduate course in Homoeopathy. The department provide instructions to II BHMS students on Pathology and Microbiology based on the syllabus prescribed the regulatory authorities namely the Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai and CCH, New Delhi. The department imparts education aimed at knowing the reaction of man to different morbid factors causing diseases; discriminate symptoms of the patient & disease and substantiate miasmatic perspective with pathology for an accurate homoeopathic prescription. The department train the students in the subject, which is necessary for the homoeopathic physician for diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and general management of diseases.

Salient Features

  • The department which include a faculty room with library, demonstration room, museum, and laboratory has an ample space of 345.44 Sq.m with 255.Sq .m  in excess  than that specified in the minimum standard requirement .
  • Well established museum  with wide collection of Pathological specimens, histopathological slides ,  Charts, models  and laminated Photos.
  • Well equipped laboratory with microscopes, incubator, hot air oven, centrifuge, semi-auto analyser, UV Chamber, autoclave, colony counter, and pH meters with the capacity to accommodate 100 students at a time.
  • Department library with 162 books including latest Pathology and Microbiology books.
  • Sufficient Infrastructure for ICT based learning.
  • Bio-medical waste management system.

Services Offered

  • Providing practical pathology services including haematology and microbiology procedures for students.
  • Research guidance and support for Microbiology and Pathology part of the projects.
  • Project supervision  and Guiding students for Short Term Studentship in Homoeopathy  conducted by CCRH .


 Department library

 Three   books added on 2022 - Total - 162 Books

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