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About the department 

The department of Physiology and Biochemistry was established in the year 2000 since the inception of the college with its unique vision and mission. Physiology and Biochemistry is a preclinical subject under UG programme of the institution. Physiology is the science that studies functions in living organisms-how the various parts of the body normally work, and how their activities are regulated, coordinated and integrated for maintaining the well being of the organism as a whole. To a homoeopath, the human organism is an integrated whole of body, life and mind and there can be no symptoms of disease without vital force, animating the human organism which is deranged in disease. Physiology shall be taught from the stand point of describing physical processes underlying them in health. Biochemistry helps to integrate molecular events with structure and functions of human body in health and disease. 

 Salient features

The department which includes a faculty room with library, laboratories, demonstration room and museum has an ample space of 292.98 sqm .
Well equipped and sufficiently ventilated separate Physiology and Biochemistry labs which can accommodate 100 students at a time.
Separate demonstration room for conducting various clinical and systemic examinations similar to the bedside examination done in hospital.
The department makes use of conventional techniques/instruments to perform biochemical analysis relevant to clinical screening and diagnosis.
Training in skill lab provided with models, mannequins and simulation methods to practice the clinical skills of physical examination and procedures.
Department library with 219 books including the latest physiology and biochemistry reference books, CDs and DVDs.
Museum with a display of good collection of models.
Well trained dedicated faculties and supporting staffs.
Vertical and horizontal methods of integration with various departments while teaching different systems.
The department has made innovations in teaching learning methodology like student assisted teaching.
Apart from the conventional lecture methods various student centric methods are also adopted by the department.

 Services provided

Developing and maintaining high-standard physiology educational programmes that nurture a spirit of inquiry and self learning at the same time.
Need based and value based education to develop competencies in diagnosis and management of common health problems of the individual     
and community.
The department has been providing clinical service including lung function tests using spirometer which aid in diagnosis and patient care.
Guiding students for short term studentship in homoeopathy, the scholarship programme funded by the CCRH.
Guiding interns for research programmes.
Participates in medical exhibition programmes conducted for public awareness.

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