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Online Awareness Prog. of Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Center (PPvC) for Homoeopathy
Program schedule of Pharmacovigilance Awareness Programme for faculty on 01. 08. 2022. Pharmacovigilance in Ayush system- An Introduction by Dr. Suman Sankar. Ph.D Importance and research perspectives of Pharmacovigilance in Homoeopathy - Dr. K. C. Muraleedharan (Officer in charge, Scientist-4, & Co-ordinator, PPvC, NHRIMH, Kottayam) Adverse drug reactions in Homoeopathy - Dr. Vivek Sakthidharan (Co-ordinator, PPvC, FMHMC, Mangaluru, Karnataka) Misleading advertisements- Surveillance and guidelines - Dr. Sreeja. S

Homoeopathic is a specialised method of drug therapy of curing natural diseases by administration of drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess the power of producing similar artificial symptoms on healthy human beings. .

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