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Out-Patient Units

Out-Patient Units

NO Unit Working days Unit Head
1 I - A Mon., Wed., Fri. Dr. M. Murugan
2 II - A Mon., Wed., Fri. Dr. V. Sathish Kumar
3 III - A Mon., Wed., Fri. Dr. Krishnakumari Amma
4 IV - A Mon., Wed., Fri. Dr. R. Panchajani
5 V - A (Paediatric Clinic) Mon., Wed., Fri. Dr. P. R. Sisir
6 VI Tues. & Sat. Dr. C. K. Mohan
7 I - B Tues. & Sat. Dr. Winston Vargheese
8 II - B Tues. & Sat. Dr. V. Shanthi Serene Sylum
9 III - B Tues. & Sat. Dr. T. Ajayan
10 IV - B Tues. & Sat. Dr. Suman Sankar
11 V - B (Paediatric Clinic) Tues. & Sat. Dr. P. R. Sisir
12 Speciality Clinic - I Mon., Fri Dr. L. Girija
13 Speciality Clinic - II (Community Medicine) Mon., Wed., Fri. Dr. M. V. Ajithkumar
14 Speciality Clinic - IIIA (E.N.T) Wed.
15 Speciality Clinic - III B (Ophthalmology) Fri
16 Dental Clinic Mon. to Fri. Dr. K.C. Nair
17 Pain & Palliative Clinic Mon to Sat. Dr. N. V. Sugathan
18 Physiotherapy Mon to Sat. Mr. Anup Chandra

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