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Remedial Coaching

Remedial Coaching

The institution provides support for improvement of academically relatively below average students through remedial coaching. The students with low performance are identified from their level of understanding concepts and performance in the test papers and term examinations conducted. Remedial teaching is given to the students who score less than 25% marks in Term Examination.

The following methods are adopted for remedial measures.

  • Peer group discussions,
  • Special classes by the Faculty,
  • Remedial test papers,
  • Assignments,
  • Question bank, etc.

The outcome result will be analyzed from the following Term examinations. Remedial coaching will be given by the respective departments. The teacher retains them after the class hours and provides them time to discuss their difficulties in particular subject, clarify their doubts, learn important topics discussed in the class and conduct test papers to get the students well versed in the important topics. These students are given special care, their area of difficulty is identified and remedial action is taken to solve their problems. The special concentration to the slow learners effectively guides them to overcome their difficulties in learning and score good marks in their examination.